#Ahwazna – The Iranian occupation confiscates 900 acres of Ahwazi agricultural lands in Jommer city


The Iranian occupying state seized 900 acres of Ahwazi agricultural lands during last week and buried 27 water wells in Ghaf village that is the subsidiary of Jommer (Bandar Khamir) coastal town in the south of Ahwaz. The occupying enemy has committed this crime after the local authority, the military governor of Jorron port (Bandar Abbas) and the governor of Jommer city supported the security and police forces in attacking the Ghaf village (Keherestan). The military raid has resulted in forcible confiscation of 900 acres of Ahwazi agricultural lands owned by the Ahwazi Arab inhabitants. The occupation forces did not stop at this point, but they buried 27 water wells used by Arab villagers for drinking and irrigating their agricultural lands. The informed sources quoted as saying in earlier times the local authority affiliated to the occupying central government have laid their hands on these arable lands on the basis of decree issued by the Persian state warning the Ahwazi villagers from approaching their lands that are considered a protected area and a public property of the state. Under this unjust decision, the occupation authorities have placed the name of “Hermoder protected area” on the confiscated fertile lands located in a valley near the village of Ghaf. By this Pernicious racial decree the majority of the territory of the village legally becomes protected and state property, and whoever tries to approaching or planting it will be punished under the laws of occupation set forth in this regard. The Ghaf village is the subsidiary of Jommer coastal city and its population is estimated 15 thousand people and one of the most beautiful villages in the region with fertile lands and abundant fresh water where Arab inhabitants of this village grow palm trees and plant all kinds of citrus. To be noted the majority of Ahwazi Arab people in the south of Ahwazi regions, have been exposed to Persianization policies by displacing its indigenous Ahwazi Arab inhabitants and settling Persian settlers. In Bushehr and Jorron (Bandar Abbas) a large number of Ahwazi Arab inhabitants were migrated to Arabian Gulf countries after subjecting to oppression, exclusion and extreme poverty, appropriating property and possession particularly forcible confiscation of their lands. It is not the first time that occupying authorities are usurping the Ahwazi lands. Since the military occupation of 1925, they started to seize Ahwazi lands forcibly to construct more settlements to bring Persian settlers to Ahwaz. For several decades under the regional and global media blackout intentionally imposed on Ahwazi issue, such real ethnic liquidation is perpetrating against Ahwazi Arab people at the hands of sadistic subsequent Iranian governments.      

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