#Ahwazna – Senior Persian official in Oil Company hurled humiliating racial insults at Ahwazi Arab people


The Persian occupying officials who harbor never-ending sadistic fascism and racism against Ahwazi Arab people this time have put their step further describing Ahwazi Arab people of having a degraded and backward tribal culture.

Following the release of highly offensive remarks against the Ahwazi Arabs which were written in a formal letter by Abul-Hassan Atayee, the Head of export pipeline of North Azadegan oil project situated in Neysan Plain region (Howezeh), provoked a storm of outrage and protest from Ahwazi Arab workers.

After Ahwazi Arab farmers resisted against the confiscation of their lands by the oil drilling company, Abul-Hassan Atayee by writing a letter expressing his protest and disapproval of the situation to the senior officials has regarded the culture of Ahwazi Arab people as backward tribal culture.

  The derogatory content presented in the letter came as a reaction against the poor Ahwazi Arab local population who halted the excavation operation of Oil Company’s executive team from continuing drilling activities on their agricultural lands.

This resisting action that runs vehemently against the colonial mood of Persian occupation authorities pushed them to call the action of Ahwazi Arab people in defending their right as cultural backwardness.

The aforesaid official in his letter is demanding the authorities of the necessity of deploying tougher measures in dealing with Ahwazi Arab farmers.

 In another part of his letter, he stated his extreme discomfort and frustration of the existence of Ahwazi Arab skilled and unskilled workers in the oil project. Therefore is asking the senior officials to impose more constraints in terms of employment that officially legalize the denial of job opportunities for Ahwazi people.

 The Ahwazi Arab workers have also protested against the insulting and pejorative remarks and demanded punishing the impudent Persian official who seems mired in his racism against Ahwazi Arab people.

  It is worth noting that the North Azadegan oil project has drilled up to hundred oil wells in Hur-Al-Azim wetlands. The project has completely dried up the wetland as it has a significant role in triggering recent dust storms that emanate from this dried marshland. In addition, the project has resulted in the confiscation of vast agricultural lands of Ahwazi farmers cutting off their only source of livelihood. They have been left neglected even without being granted minimal financial compensation. The occupying project has achieved two ends with one single effort which means looting the oil and confiscating of Ahwazi lands that has been sought systematically for decades at the hands of Persian state.

 The offensive Persian letter has been attached as follow:

Main source:اهانت-یکی-از-مسئولان-رده-بالای-پروژه-نف/




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