#Ahwazna – Public Protests in Howezeh city against ethnic slurs directed to the culture of Ahwazi Arab people


In Protest against the racial insults made by one of the senior Persian directors in Oil Company in Howezeh city against culture of Ahwazi Arab people, the local population fanned out across the city headed toward the oil company. The angry protesters on their way to the company blocked the major roads and thoroughfares leading to the company that resulted in the suspension of work in this sector for hours. On Sunday, December 28, local sources reported that in protest action more than 700 people from city and Zehiriye village along with Arab workers in North Azadegan oil project have been gathered on the road ending to Jahan Pars Company (CNPCI) and closed the commuting to the company. According to reports, the protesters chanted slogans against the racial insults made by Abul-Hassan Atayee, head of North Azadegan oil export pipeline project, as he called the culture of Ahwazi Arab as a retarded tribal culture. The protesting people have condemned his racial insolence and demanded the immediate dismissal of him and his son from the company. The demonstrators also asked the officials ‘company to apologize to the Ahwazi Arab people for the disrespect and the insult made about their culture and their identity. The aforesaid Persian official in a formal letter has described the culture of Ahwazi Arab people as a backward and petrified culture. The letter that was circulated among Arab people sparked protest and unrest in the oil company. Main source:إحتجاجات-في-مدينة-الحويزة-الأحوازية-ض/ See the following Pictorial of the Ahwazi Arab protesters: 10877568_1386510211649419_99108749_n 10888113_1386509438316163_827331252_n 10887994_1386508441649596_1682924317_n            

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