#Ahwazna – Al-Soweyse village suffers from racism of Persian occupation authorities


The rural people of the marginal villages located on the highway between the city of Abadan and Ahwaz capital are stuck in acute suffering at all levels. Al-Soweyse village lies about 20 Km away from the capital city of Ahwaz and administratively subordinated to Kot Abdullah county. The village is one of the models that represent the suffering of Ahwazi villages in all fields and in particular the plight of the students in the area of education. The lacks of access to educational opportunities in the countryside are forcing the students who are thirsty for knowledge to travel dozens of kilometers on feet in hazardous routes.  This situation exposes their lives at risk to reach schools in nearby areas to receive education. The local villagers have witnessed the death of many of their sons while crossing deadly roads because of lack of safe crossing points and traffic lights for passengers. One of the mothers of this village that insists her son Sajad must receive education says “after the death incidents of children that occurred as a result of the fatal roads I have to take my son to school by myself fearing for his life from roads that claimed the lives of many of the children of this village during the past few years". Sayed Mashaal Alawi whose son Ali,  aged 13 years old, was one of the victims of  the negligence  of Persian occupation where he was subjected to  a car accident on his way to school. The father, who is still in mourning for the death of his son, says Ali got hit and killed when the car ran over him while trying to cross the road. He went on saying, "our village has seen eight incidents of this kind, and my departed son was among the eight who were victims of what we suffer from racism and by the responsible authorities. He adds, despite the fact that the region, in which we live, is an industrial area where sugar cane companies many manufacturing factories are surrounding our villages. And a large number of trucks are daily commuting from the area. So the relevant Officials are supposed to look at our current condition and care about the safety of the citizens who live in the vicinity of these factories, companies and build bridges for rural pedestrians to avoid car accidents. In the end, he said that nothing can work out until the heedless occupying Persian officials are dominating on everything because our grave and critical condition remained intentionally invisible to the occupation of authorities. In recent years, Ahwazi Arab people do not have control in the media to have their message out. This reason caused them to fail to tell the world what is going on for them under the ruthless Iranian regime. This long media blockade led Ahwazi people not only to face state violence and discriminatory policies, but also extreme deep-seated economic inequality since they deprived of employment opportunities so that they can enjoy a decent life. The Iranian occupying regime continues to extract natural resources from Ahwazi territories particularly natural gas and oil without minimum economic benefit for Ahwazi Arab people. This disenfranchisement & Inequality are well-organized policies followed on a large scale by the Persian occupiers as an aim to displace the Ahwazi citizens out of their areas to facilitate the grabbing of the bounties of this people who were entirely deprived of it since the beginning of the occupation until this moment.

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