#Ahwazna – Iranian Occupying authorities continue to target Ahwazi historical buildings


Iranian Occupation authorities are deliberately destroying historic buildings in Ahwaz in order to obliterate the historical identity of Ahwazi Arab people.

The Persian Occupation authorities entirely neglected a historical building called Red Crescent that was built by the British oil company.

The building is located near several historical buildings owned by Prince Sheikh Khazaal, the son of    Jabber Mardaw Alkaabi in Muhammarah city.

This historical building consists of two floors with an area of eight hundred and eighty-five square meters. It was built to serve and welcome senior foreign visitors by the Sheikh Khazaal during his reign, which ended after the occupation of the entire of Al-Ahwaz in 1925.

The municipality of Muhammarah city is greatly responsible for the systematic negligence of the historical buildings in the city to facilitate the process of destruction of these historic buildings, which shows all premeditated plans followed by the Persian authorities with an aim to target the Ahwaz identity.

In the beginning, Sheikh Mzaal, the son of Jabber Mardaw, reigned over the Emirate of Muhammarah for about ten years. He had built Faili Palace just five kilometers west away of Muhammarah on the northern coast of the Shatt al-Arab.  Khazaal, the son of Jabber Mardaw, took the rule of the Emirate after the death of his brother Mzaal.  After that Sheikh Khazaal magnificently had decorated and developed the palace.

 It is interesting that the Faili palace did not subject to any damage at all during Iran and Iraq war that took place on the Ahwazi territories and lasted for eight years.

Historically the Faili Palace was profoundly important for Ahwazi people but the security forces, who were escorted by bulldozers during midnight in November 7 of 2010, had completely demolished the palace. This act left no doubt that the occupation authorities are determined to erase the Faili   Palace from the memory of   Ahwazi Arab citizens so that they cannot have any bridge to recall their history.

The occupation authorities have demolished many historic buildings in Ahwaz. In recent years, Ahwazi people by organizing massive popular protests expressed their rejection of the heinous policies of Iranian occupation aim at wiping out all the traces of history and heritage of Ahwaz.

Over the last few decades, the Occupation authorities have attempted to raze the whole Arabic features and monuments of Ahwazis and by building illegal settlements to house Persian settlers, demolition of historical sites and expulsions of Ahwazi people through forcible confiscation of their lands, tried to change the demographic structure of Ahwaz.

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