#Ahwazna – Home demolition operations by Iranian Occupation authorities ignited fierce resistance by Ahwazi citizens


The security and municipal agents in Ahwaz raided the home belonging to an Ahwazi extended family, throwing their furniture out onto the street and ruining their personal belongings. This barbaric act happened on Sunday, earlier morning, 01/18/2015.

 Eyewitnesses quoted as saying the residents of the home were screaming striving to protect their property that they had lived in for 26 years, but the regime’s agents did not care and continued to destroy their property.  Two women and an old man who were standing there were brutally beaten and sustained injuries.

The occupying security forces, escorted by bulldozers belonged to   the municipality of District 6 in Ahwaz city raided Zafaraniyah neighborhood and  bulldozed the home of the Ahwazi Arab family.

  The Persian Occupation forces by demolishing the home of the Ahwazi citizen in Zafaraniyah neighborhood provoked fierce indignation among local people.

The wanton aggressive action, which outraged the local people, broke out violent clashes between the Occupation forces and the Ahwazi Arab citizens.

The resistance of the local people to foil the security forces from destroying the home was in vain, and the house was razed to the ground. In reprisal, the bulldozer driver, who demolished the home, shot dead by the local people, eyewitnesses quoted.

The Zafaraniyah neighborhood is one of the most densely populated areas in the Ahwaz capital, and its Arab residents are suffering from marginalization and deliberate negligence policies by Occupation authorities.

It is worth mentioning that the bulldozer driver, who was killed, is an Ahwazi Arab citizen who was used as a human shield to carry out the brutal action.

The institutions and departments of the occupation usually deployed Ahwazi citizens to commit such criminal acts taking advantage of their extreme economic weakness as the majority of Ahwazis suffer from it because of marginalization and discrimination policy.

The family of the victim bulldozer driver after hearing the news of their son’s death has attacked the mayor of the District 6.They blamed the municipal department placing the whole responsibility on the head of the municipality for their son’s death.

In recent months, the Iranian regime brutally has demolished and confiscated many of the Ahwazi Arab homes almost under the pretext of building without a permit as roughly 70 percent of Ahwazi applications for the building permit rejected.


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