#Ahwazna- Al-Ahwaz: Schools closed following heavy dust storm


Heavy dust storm blanketed Ahwazi regions for the third day as classes of schools, universities and colleges have been suspended and shut down since Tuesday, 27-01-2015.

According to local news agencies, the amount of dust particles in Ahwaz’s air was measured to be over 10 thousand micrograms per cubic meter. As this amount is about 70 times more than the standard rate which is 150 micrograms per cubic meter.

Such bad weather condition has triggered drastic asthmatic attacks, and related allergic reactions among Ahwazi people as hundreds of citizens have admitted to medical centers after suffering from severe respiratory disorders due to the thick dust storm and the air pollution.

Traffic authorities in Ahwaz reported that since Tuesday around 83 car accidents occurred after severe decrease in visibility.

The intensity of sand storms is increasing in Ahwazi territories that caused by widespread drying of water resources such as rivers and marshes because of the deliberate regime policies.

Water diversion projects and excessive dam construction on Karoon River have drastically resulted in the drying of Ahwaz’s climate and emergence of the sand storms which annually claiming over 4 thousands lives of Ahwazi Arabs who diagnose with cancer and cardiovascular diseases linked to the air pollution.



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