Violent and bloody clashes between Iranian occupying forces and Ahwazi civilians


On March17, Violent clashes erupted between Iranian security forces and Ahwazi Arab civilians after the end of the football match between Foulad Al-Ahwaz FC and Al-Hilal Saudi FC. According to Ahwazi witness accounts, the clashes occurred when the security forces began to arrest everyone who worn traditional Arabic clothes. The mass arbitrary detention of Ahwazi Arab fans occurred immediately in and outside Ahwaz’s stadium after few minutes of end of the match when the security forces began to assault Ahwazi fans by arresting and beating them with batons and cables and stripping off their Arabic clothes and forcibly trying to throw them into police cars and, taken them to unknown locations The brutal attack of the occupying security forces against Ahwazi Arab fans ended in severe injuries especially broken bones and bruising among large numbers of Ahwazi fans. The abusing, humiliating and cracking down on Ahwazi fans provoked widespread outrage amongst Ahwazis fans who fiercely confronted with the occupying security forces as they set fire to a police car. Reliable sources received from Ahwazi human rights activists confirmed thousands have been arrested solely for chanting national Arabic slogans and wearing Arabic clothes as an attempt to defend their oppressed Arabic identity. Also, three young fans have been shot dead by the occupying anti-riot forces who used live ammunition targeting Ahwazi fans. Picture of one of the Ahwazi youth protesters named Yasser shoeibawi who was killed by a live bullet in his head 11082546_806571432714178_2563547722080649806_n The Ahwazi protesters raised Ahwaz national flag and pictures of Younes Asakere and written placards which read We are all Younes, who immolated himself after confiscation of his small’ grocery store at the hands of municipal officials. The angry Ahwazi protesters chanted fiery slogans such as “freedom of Al-Ahwaz”, “with soul and blood we sacrifice our self for Al-Ahwaz” and “no place for Iranian occupation” defying Iranian occupying forces. In addition, the Ahwazi Arab youth defied the repressive regime forces by chanting sharp slogans like this “land full of lions, no one comes nearby”. It is said that the clashes stretched to other parts of Ahwaz city as people took to streets protesting against the non-ending oppression carried out by the Iranian occupation regime against Ahwazis. It was also reported that as a state of alert and curfew have been declared in Ahwaz.   The occupying security forces have been deployed in entire   districts of Ahwaz city to mobilize and scatter Ahwazi protesters. It should be noted that these days Ahwazi cities are very restive as people are determining to commemorate the ninth memory of April 15 Uprising in different Ahwaz cities. After the spread of national awareness in all parts of Al- Ahwaz, the occupying security forces and Intelligence agents through embarking joint operations raids and random arrests attempt to spread fear and terror among Ahwazi citizens. The aim of launching such brutal and arbitrary mass arrest is to limit the spread of the Ahwazi Arab national struggle which has become a threat to the security of the Persian State and its colonial existence in Al-Ahwaz.    

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