#Ahwazna – Ahwazi Arab activists stage protest in front of BBC Persian Broadcasting office


On 24 of March, in solidarity with Ahwazi people who are fighting with every available tools for the long decades against their unrecognizable rights under the grip of Iranian clerical regime , Ahwazi Arab activists based in London have staged protest for three hours in Front of BBC Persian, a subset of BBC English in London against the recent editorial and screening policy of the BBC Persian which is based on an ultra-nationalist    and chauvinistic policy that  censors and ignores the current Ahwazi Arab people protests.

The Ahwazi Arab activists stated that the BBC Persian Service  deliberately avoid of  broadcasting news of human rights violations perpetrated  against Ahwazi Arab people and other non-Persian nationalities.

The Ahwazi activists said that as Media should strive to be a non-discriminatory platform for oppressed people and nationalities. We see that Iranian Medias based abroad are failed in their missions and in their principle of being non-biased, and overtly become a propaganda tool for Persian supremacists and the lobbyists of the theocratic regime in Iran.

The news stations of BBC Persian, as well as VOA Persian, are leading examples that they are colluding and cooperating with the Iranian government for years. Such news station has been breaching the fundamental principles of broadcasting systematically as a gift for the heinous crimes of the regime particularly those crimes like the extra-judicial and summary executions which have been conducted against the Ahwazi prisoners by the regime based on vague charges.

The Iranian regime by the help of its inside and abroad Medias and proxies attempted to distort the facts on the ground by proclaiming that Ahwazi Arab people along with other oppressed ethnic groups use violence against the regime in order for the regime to express and introduce itself to international community as victim of conspiracy of foreign states who are aiding Ahwazi Arab, Kurds and Baluchs to carry out violent acts in the country.

Regretfully such a Medias deliberately take the regime’s accusations as the key source in their reports about the affairs of the country. For example, as one Ahwazi political prisoner was accused of committing terrorist acts based on confessions extracted under extreme torture by the regime agents. Such a pro- regime stations have also tried to blacken the Ahwazi prisoners by justifying the regime charges through their biased analysts as a step to distort the Ahwazi Arab activism and describing the Ahwazi activist as a vandal, not more.

BBC and VOA stations become a place for hosts and guests who are usually handpicked Persian ultra-nationalists and former regime officials who harbor hatred against Ahwazi Arab and other non-Persian nationalities and overwhelmingly ignore or deny the existence of non-Persian nationalities in Iran.

Such racist Medias are always assisted the regime by providing logistic supports through hosting pro-regime analysts who intentionally rely on baseless and irrational allegations that are labeling to Ahwazi Arab inside and abroad to tarnish the Ahwazi Arab struggle movements in their fight against the regime.

The bitter fact is that the Iranian Persian community is so racist, and their medias are so biased and do not pay any attention to the plight of the Ahwazi Arab people. Because, the regime by its filthy and fossilized policies have injected incurable racial discrimination and rooted anti-ethnics stereotypes in the minds of all Iranian Persians. This caused that even those who are against the regime also intentionally conceal the crimes of the regime and hidden them under the carpet especially the crimes that were perpetrated against the Ahwazi Arab people.

The Iranian society unanimously view the Ahwaz Arab as national threat to their economic revenues as the Ahwazi lands are the heart of Iran economy but its indigenous people are impoverished and disadvantaged and deprived of the basic human rights of having right to speak and learn their Arabic language or having cultural centers or medical facilities and well-equipped hospitals and schools.

The Ahwazi people are orphan because they are restricted in having access to international law and human rights organizations to highlight the regime nameless crimes in Ahwaz region. This is because of the Iranian biased lobbies are dominated by such   institutions and their duties are deleting and censoring the Ahwazi Arab sufferings or pouring all the sufferings and violations committed against the Ahwazi Arabs into their category without mentioning to the real victims. In this way, they often distort the facts for their favors. There is still hope that the western Medias pay their attention to our Ahwazi sufferings created by the regime and highlight on it more. In recent years, the silence of international communities has served the regime to conduct double oppression and cruelties against Ahwazi Arabs and other ethnic groups.

It is obligatory to call all the states to take action under the Charter of the United Nation as they consider what is appropriate to halt the regime of committing more crimes and murdering against the Ahwazi Arabs and others.

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