#ahwazna – Iranian occupying security forces launch raids and mass arrests in Al-Ahwaz


On 29 of March, according to reports received by Ahwazna, security forces to confront the daily protest of Ahwazi citizens have launched massive mid-night raids aimed at arresting those civilians who were suspecting of having key role in encouraging people to take part in daily protest at the occupying policies of regime in Al-Ahwaz.

The raid operations which elevated since last week began mostly from Khafajeh city. The raids included arresting of citizens, arbitrary searching of houses and seizing personal belongings such as computers, mobile phones, and books.

The sources added that during last week more than 15 raid operations have appeared been   conducted in the Khafajeh and Hamidieh towns as well as other residential areas adjacent to Ahwaz city.

The operations allegedly backed and led by intelligence agents recruiting more 200 security police forces who in separate groups at first surround the houses and then break into the homes.

At present, it is difficult to pin down the exact number of those who were arrested during the recent arbitrary raids as the operations swept most town and cities in Al-Ahwaz.

At least five names of the Ahwazi Arab detainees from the Khafajeh city are identified as follow:

1: Walid Sari, 2: Ibrahim Sari, 3: Nasser Sari, 4: Morteza (Mohammad Reza) Naysi, 5: Ali Haidari.

The detainees were taken to an unknown place by the Intelligence agents. Sources close to the family of the detainees said that the housing research also executed without any legal warrants.

Need to mention that Khafajeh  city is located  fifty -five  KM away from the capital city of Ahwaz and   its Arab population is suffering from neglect and deliberate marginalization by  the Iranian occupation  state, although the largest oil field is located in this area.

In recent days, the Ahwazi national resistance has step up its armed operations targeting the Iranian Revolutionary sites in Al-Ahwaz declaring the full solidarity of Ahwazi people with the joint military operation of Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia which dubbed as “decisive storm” to halt the expansion of Iranian regime in Yemen and other Arab countries through its Shia proxies.

In addition, Ahwazi Arab people praised and welcomed the decisive storm collation of Arab countries against the outright destructive interference and aggressions of Iranian regime in the Arab countries.

The welcome of Ahwazi Arab people has appeared through chanting slogans and reading National poems in conjunction with the sparkling of airstrikes of the Arab joint coalition targeting the sites of the Huthis, the pro-Iranian regime in Yemen.

The Ahwazi solidarity with the military operation of Saudi Arabia, the Iranian regime’s arch-enemy, has angered the regime in Tehran. In reprisal, the occupying security forces began to escalate its repression against Ahwaz Is under the direct command of the Intelligence headquarter.

The crackdown operations are including arbitrary arrest, detention in unknown locations and brutal torture in solitary confinements.

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