#Ahwazna – Six arrested as Iranian occupation security forces and intelligence agents raid Ahwazi civilian homes


Ahwazi activists have confirmed that the occupying police and intelligence officers in two separate dawn raids stormed Ahwazi civilian homes in Hamidieh City on Friday 3rd and Sunday 5th April, arresting at least six individuals. The names of the detainees who were arrested on Sunday are as follows: 1: Hatam Abiat, 2: Moslem Khasraji, 3: Ahmad Moramazi, 4: Salem Atshani. The names of the detainees who were arrested on Friday of 3/04/2015 are as follows: 5: Hadi Marwani, 6: Malek Shakhi. So far, there is no information available about the fate and the well-being of the detainees who were taken to unknown locations by the police and the intelligence agents. In recent days massive wave of demonstrations have been witnessed in Ahwaz city in support of the ‘Decisive Storm’ operation on Yemen and of the Syrian Revolution, with hundreds of Ahwazi Arab residents of the Southern City of Ahwaz demonstrating on Friday in support of the Decisive Storm operation. The demonstrators rallied in various neighborhoods while chanting anti-regime slogans in support of the Saudi led military operation in Yemen to oust Iranian-backed Houthi rebels from the capital. The Ahwazi demonstrators, who suffer brutal persecution and systemic racist policies at the hands of the Iranian regime, also hailed the Syrian people’s revolution, now in its fifth year, which began in March 2011. Brave young Ahwazis took the opportunity during a football match between the local team Foolad Al-Ahwaz and the guest team from Tehran. In reference to the shared national, religious, cultural, historical and political connections and fate and future of all parts of the Arab world, Ahwazi Arab demonstrators raised the flags of Arab countries like Syria and chanted slogans against the intervention of the Iranian regime there. Ahwazis also chanted slogans rejecting Iranian occupation of Al-Ahwaz, such as "The people demand the liberation of Ahwaz" and "The occupation of Palestine has continued for 67 years to date, the occupation of Ahwaz for 90 years" It is noteworthy that ever since the April 15th uprising in Ahwaz in 2005 commemorating the anniversary of the original 1925 Iranian occupation of Ahwaz (which was subsequently renamed Khuzestan in 1936), Iranian security and intelligence services have launched brutal crackdowns and mass arrests of activists and civilians in the weeks preceding the anniversary in an attempt to intimidate the people and prevent further demonstrations.  

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