#Ahwazna – Iranian regime and its supporters spew racist anti-Arab slogans


Anti –Arab slogans in Karaj, Tehran city. "Death to all Arabs" was chanted by the Persian people, today. Iranians took to the streets in various cities and chanted racist and fascist slogans against Arabs after the regime circulated fabricated news stories of two Iranian youths being raped in Saudi Arabia. The claim was denied by the Saudi Arabia government, and the family of the two youths confirmed that the news was false and baseless. Despite the clerical regime’s oft-repeated claims to stand for Palestinian freedom, such anti-Arab racism is endemic and encouraged by the regime, with Arabs being commonly referred to in derogatory terms such as ‘lizard-eaters’ and ‘camel’s milk-drinkers’ and depicted as uncivilized barbarians and barefoot nomadic peoples. These demonstrations by nationalists Persians and Basij forces were held in front of the Saudi embassy.  Their fascist Aryan slogans against the Arabs clearly reflected their hostility to the Arabs in Iran.  These same demonstrations are held under the license of the velayat-e faqih system, who falsely claim to support of Arab issues from Iraq to Lebanon. This affects the dignity of millions of Ahwazi Arabs who have been caged under Iranian occupation.


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