Ahwazis staged a protest in front of the military governorate building in the city of Mahshor


 On Sunday 2015, a number of Ahwazis gathered in front of the military governorate building in the city of Mahshor in order to protest against the decisions of the occupying Iranian regime to isolate and cut off the industrial area of the city from its administrative geography.

This move by the Iranian regime would result in more deprivation and the further exclusion of Ahwazi Arabs, the local people of the region, who have already suffered discrimination in employment related to this huge industrial project.

The vast majority of those employed in the project are from the Persian ethnicity, which has long been privileged by the Iranian regime at the expense of the indigenous Ahwazi Arab populace.

The protesters raised banners denouncing this decision, which they see as an unfair and deliberate attempt by the Iranian regime to deprive the Ahwazi people of work in the region.

One of the protesters who spoke with Ahwazna on the condition of anonymity said that this decision by the Iranian regime is tantamount to a declaration of economic war on the Ahwazi people in the district f Bandar -Mahshor, who have already suffered enormously due to the Iranian regime’s racist and exclusionary policies.

It is believed by many Ahwazi observers that such discriminatory measures from the Iranian regime are aimed at intensifying economic restrictions on the Ahwazi people in order to force them to migrate from their towns and villages.

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