Iranian occupation forces attack Ahwazi street traders, confiscate their property


 Iranian occupation forces attacked Ahwazi Arab street vendors, mostly women, in different neighborhoods in the regional capital of Ahwaz, confiscating the merchandise which the traders rely on selling for their livelihood. Sources in the capital told ‘Ahwazna’ that the vendors resisted the brutality of the Iranian regime security forces’ attacks, resulting in further savagery towards the traders and confiscation of their property, as well as to further verbal and physical abuse and arrest of many. It is noteworthy that after Iranian authorities banned Ahwazi Arabs, particularly those who hold diplomas and degrees, from working in many industries and trades, large numbers were forced to take up street trading in order to feed their families, with the Ahwazi population in the region living in absolute poverty, despite the region housing around 90 percent of the oil wealth which is reserved solely for Persians.  

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