Iranian occupying authorities dismiss Ahwazi poet from job over his poetry-writing


Iranian occupying authorities have dismissed an Ahwazi poet named Ali Ayed al-Badawi from his job in the local municipality offices.  He was reportedly dismissed over his national poetry-writing and recital and his peaceful activism in the field of Ahwazi human rights, all of which had nothing to do with his work-related duties. The occupation authorities earlier arrested the poet and detained him for three days for harsh interrogation; when he was released last week he was informed by regime intelligence agents of his dismissal from his job. Reliable sources confirmed that the poet Ali al-Badawi is married with children, and was financially supporting not only his wife and children but his parents as the only breadwinner for the family, which now faces severe financial hardship Such persecution and injustice are standard policy for the Iranian authorities in an attempt to silence influential Ahwazi cultural figures, whose efforts to celebrate and preserve Ahwazi culture and identity are viewed as a threat by Tehran. Over the nine decades to date of the illegitimate Iranian occupation of Al-Ahwaz, Iranian occupying authorities have introduced many brutally oppressive tactics in their efforts to suppress Ahwazi activism, to quash the people’s struggle for freedom, justice and dignity and to force Ahwazis into accepting subjugation and defeat in the long fight for justice, equality and recognition of their legitimate rights. Despite everything, these efforts have not succeeded.   

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