Iranian intelligence fabricates evidence again to justify executing more Ahwazi activists


Iranian intelligence fabricates evidence to justify executing three more Ahwazi activists for a murder that others are already convicted for.

The Iranian intelligence service officials on Tuesday took three arbitrarily detained Ahwazi Arab human rights activists to the scene of a murder they are accused of committing to ‘reconstruct’ the killing, of an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps officer.

The three activists, 25-year-old Mehdi Moarabi, 28-year-old Hamood Obeydavi, and 32-year-old Gheis Obeydavi, were among dozens arrested in a regime crackdown in April on activists in the city of Hamidieh in Al-Ahwaz. The latest campaign of mass arrests in April saw activists across the region arrested, with others in the cities of Howeyzeh, Khafajeh and the city of Ahwaz also detained, although some were subsequently released on bail, according to reports from Ahwazi human rights activists.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch expressed concern at the time of the Iranian regime’s massive and arbitrary campaign of arrests, in which 100 activists were arrested in Ahwaz city alone.

A witness who saw today’s ‘reconstruction crime scene’ said that the three activists appeared to have been arbitrarily selected and to have been tortured into confessing to the crime, a standard regime strategy.

Human rights activists in al-Ahwaz pointed out that several activists from Hamidieh had already been imprisoned for the killing of the regime officer five years ago, with four of them receiving heavy sentences including 20 years imprisonment, life imprisonment and exile.

As it has done previously, the Tehran regime has deployed its English-language media arm, Press TV, to report on the case, with the channel once again endorsing the regime’s efforts to smear the Ahwazi Arab activists as terrorists in order to justify their execution.

Although the regime, like the Shah’s dynasty before it, has been unsuccessful in its relentless and brutal efforts to end Ahwazi demands for freedom and human rights, despite using tactics including expulsion, execution and relentless persecution, it has invested billions in Press TV in its efforts to present a false image to the world of the Ahwazi people as ‘terrorists’ and ‘foreign agents’, even while continuing its systematic savagery against the Ahwazi people. Ironically, while claiming to oppose Zionism, the Iranian regime uses near-identical strategies to the Israeli regime and its media and Hezbollah in manufacturing a false and deeply racist narrative to t world which dehumanises and demonises Ahwazi Arab people seeking freedom and human rights as terrorists, denies their voice and rights, and presents the regime as the rightful occupier of Arabs’ land.


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