Ahwazi Delegation Meets with Prominent Arab, French Figures


A delegation from the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz has met with a group of politicians, academics and Arabs figures living in Paris, including the Syrian former minister Dr. Elias Alwerdi. The group went to discuss effective ways of raising the issue of Ahwaz in France. 

The meeting came after holding a long seminar, which was organized in Paris on the issue of Ahwaz and Iran's interventions in the Arab world.

The delegation of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz spoke on latest developments in the arena of Al-Ahwaz, and the need to transfer the suffering, injustice and Persecution of the Arab people of Ahwaz to the public opinion, as well as the French official and civil institutions in France.

The delegation stressed the readiness of the movement to put all their energies and capabilities towards any initiative that contributes to launching the discussion of Ahwaz in France in cooperation with the large Arab community there. 

The audience of Arabs in this meeting included  Syrian former minister Dr. Elias Alwerdi, media advisor to the  former Tunisian president and  the  professor at the Sorbonne University, Dr. Mohammad Honeyed, Dr. Haitham Said, Dr. Abdul Raouf Darwish, Dr. Abdul Razak Alawwad- stated that  France is proper  forum  and  fertile ground for the activity of Al-Ahwaz . They promised the development of a vision and a program of thoughtful action as they emphasized on the importance of France due to the presence of hundreds of Arab institutions there.

It is noteworthy that the recent political activity of the movement of struggle in cooperation and coordination with Arab and foreign entities comes in implementation of the recommendations out of the Third Conference of the Movement political struggle in Copenhagen, and in the coming months will increase this activity.

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