Chronic disease claims the lives of Ahwazi children


A chronic epidemic in the neighborhood Malashiya leads to the death of two children and affecting several others. The unknown disease has spread in the neighborhood Malashiya west of the capital of Ahwaz, which resulted in the death of two girls, and yet health centers evade performing their duties.

Signs of infection are severe nausea and vomiting which lead to the death of children if not treated promptly. The health center in the Malashiya neighborhood is unable to treat the patient children due to lack of equipment and medicines needed for treatment of affected children.

Activists said, the air and water contamination, the presence of waste in the streets of the neighborhood, as well as the overflow of sewage and ill performance of institutions and health centers of their duties, are the main reasons that led to the spread of the epidemic in the Malashiya neighborhood and other slums.

The Ahwazi Arabs face institutional discrimination, repression and extreme deprivation at all levels by the Iranian regime.

In fact, the Ahwazi Arabs along with other ethnic and religious minorities in Iran have been facing an all-out suppression and brutal ethnic cleansing policies since the arrival of the mullahs' regime in Iran in 1979, as there are authentic records documenting the horrific crimes and human rights violations committed against these people that rise to the level of war crimes.


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