Join Demonstrations Across Europe To Stand In Solidarity With Ahwazi Political Prisoners


  A series of Ahwazi demonstrations and events in European capitals will be conducted in support and solidarity with the Ahwazi prisoners languishing in the prisons of the Iranian regime.

 The demonstrations, in particular, will give air to the suppressed voice of the Ahwazi political prisoners who are subject to unfair trials and other judiciary misconduct.

All of Ahwazi political prisoners have been endured to psychological torture, coercion and brutal physical abuse while in regime custody.

The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz will hold a series of demonstrations in front of Iranian regime embassies and international institutions in various European capitals.

The movement is calling for as many solidarity actions as possible to put pressure on the Iranian regime; both during the days of action and beyond.

In the upcoming few days, the Struggle movement will also organize several political forums in some European countries to introduce the issue of Al-Ahwaz.

The Movement will urge these countries and human rights organizations about their political, legal and ethical responsibilities of addressing oppression, persecution, and grave violations against the Arab people of Al-Ahwaz by the Iranian State occupation.

Therefore, the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz calls on all communities and Ahwazi Arabs in Europe, as well as other supporters of the issue of  Al-Ahwaz and human rights defenders to encourage active participation in these demonstrations and seminars.

In the next days, the Struggle movement will announce on the date and place of these demonstrations and events.



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