Ahwazis in diaspora protest against the Iranian regime ethnic cleansing policies


The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz organised a demonstration in Copenhagen against Iranian regime's ethnic cleansing policies, calling for an end to injustice and discrimination against Ahwazi Arab people.

On Thursday 11 February of 2016, the Ahwazi Arab community organised a demonstration in Copenhagen, Danish capital to condemn the policies of Iranian regime in its ongoing anti-human atrocities against the Arab people of Al- Ahwaz.

The Ahwazi community organised this demonstration as a message of solidarity with the enormous sacrifices of the Ahwazi Arab people, especially the Ahwazi Arab political prisoners in the path of preserving the Arab identity and freedom from Iranian regime oppression which has brought nothing but destruction and murder to its indigenous Arab people. Also, it acts upon the belief in the feasibility of using all legal means in combating the unlawful Iranian occupation and its non-humanitarian practices in Al-Ahwaz.

This demonstration was a part of series of demonstrations and activities undertaken by the Arab Struggle for the Liberation of Ahwaz as a bid to expose the obnoxious policies of the Iranian regime. In addition, to make heard the oppressed voice of Ahwazi Arabs who are under extreme oppression from the occupation by Iran, the likes of which is not known to the world at large, despite the objective brutality of this occupation.

Hundreds of Ahwazis and Syrian took part in the mass demonstration, as there was a significant presence of Arab communities for supporting the Ahwazi cause.

Other ethnic groups such as Turk Azeris and Kurds participated in this demonstration to slam Iran regime over its malicious policy in killing their people and against the ongoing machine of execution that are committing against their activists.

When Ahwazis in Al-Ahwaz voice resentment at such harsh measures, they will be accused of ‘Moharebeh’ or ‘enmity against God’ and ‘Fasad-fil Arz’ (corruption on earth), exploiting such indefinite terminology to excuse routine executions.

Most often, those executed are not subject to fair trials in Iranian courts as is argued by UN Human Rights Experts. Currently, almost one million Ahwazi Arabs live in urban slums, and illiteracy surpasses 50% of its population. Land appropriation has forcibly displaced more than 200,000 citizens, getting no compensation while up to 80% of the children of Ahwazi suffer from widespread malnutrition.

It is the duty of the international community to understand the injustices facing the people of Al-Ahwaz and to bring their grievances to light. The international community must place pressure on each other to stand beside Al-Ahwaz, regardless of perceived external politics. The eradication of injustice must begin with the education of everyone about this cause and the propagation of it so that justice is finally compelled.


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