The Arab Struggle Movement of Ahwaz organize a demonstration in front of Iran’s embassy in Austria


The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz organized a demonstration in support of Ahwazi prisoners, victimized by the Iranian regime’s occupation in front of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic, in the Austrian capital on February 18.

 The demonstrators marched through the streets of Vienna this afternoon, with the participation of some members of the local Arab communities and a number of friends of the people of Ahwaz such as Kurds, Baluchis, and Turk Azeris.

During the demonstration, participants raised flags and pictures of Ahwaz martyrs and prisoners of Ahwaz and banners in Arabic and English condemning the occupation by the Islamic Republic,  as well as the death sentences issued to Ahwazi activists.

They also demanded the international organizations to intervene to stop the executions and arbitrary arrests of the activists.

 The demonstration  has been widely covered in the Arab and international media and, and at the end of the rally  a final statement was issued calling for the international community to be fair in  their view of the reality of  plight  people of Al-Ahwaz in light of racial occupation, and its population struggle which aims to  seek attention to human rights in this part of the world .

The statement called the international communities to regard Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism and the largest source of terrorist cells in the world. It also asked the international communities to take action to deter its brutal crime. Without concrete action against the Iranian regime, efforts to combat terrorism will remain incomplete and unfair; and will promote the spread of the hotbeds of terrorism, rather than eliminate it.

For years, Iran has been cracking down on the Ahwazi Arab people by mass arrests, torture, and intimidation as well as carrying out the execution of innocent Ahwazi civilians.

The wealth and natural resources, especially natural gas and oil, of Ahwazi lands are being extracted without discernible economic benefit for the Ahwazi Arab people.

This racial oppression has led the Ahwazi people to be one of the most destitute and marginalized people in the Middle East, with a very high incarceration and execution rate.

The disfranchisement and ethnic discrimination policies of the Persian state have crippled the majority of the Ahwazi Arab population, as there is an estimated 80 percent of Ahwazi households living below the poverty line, while they are living on the ocean of oil and gas and mineral resources that are being exploited by the Persian occupation state since 1925 and still ongoing.

The censorship of the press and media has been a serious obstacle for Ahwazi activists to voice out the non-stop abuses committed against the Ahwazi people. This serious obstacle has allowed the regime to discriminate strongly and consistently against the Ahwazi Arab people.

The ethnic oppression includes the prohibition of Arabic, leading to the inability of Ahwazi people to study in their native language, the denial of job opportunities, the confiscation of lands and building Persian settlements for Persian settlers.

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