Crisis declared in Ahwaz as devastating dust storms cause deaths, mass hospitalization


These days Al-Ahwaz is witnessing scary dust storm as a consequence of Occupation policies of the Iranian regime that set out projects targeting rivers and marshes of Al-Ahwaz.

The dust storm on Sunday and Monday closed down schools in 15 cities in throughout Al-Ahwaz region. The sandstorms caused a catastrophic health crisis for Ahwazi civilians in recent days and deliberate negligence by authorities.   Due to increased dust concentrations, hundreds of Ahwazi were admitted to hospitals as one girl and one boy died due to suffocation.  The situation is declared critical. 

Diverting the natural course of Ahwazi Rivers to the depth of Persian regions caused Ahwazi wetlands and rivers to be thoroughly dried up one after another as the water quality is degraded in most of the Ahwazi populous areas.

As a result of diminished surface water of wetlands and rivers, Al-Ahwaz is experiencing more frequent devastating dust storms.

The dust storms proved to extremely unpleasant not only for people but also such dust storms damage agriculture and livestock and exacerbating the quality of life of the poor Ahwazi inhabitants. It is said such dust storms forced massive out-migration of Ahwazis as well.


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