Iranian regime losses from petrochemical complex blast estimated at 60 million Euros: regime official


The Iranian regime has suffered major financial losses due to the recent attack on a petrochemical industries complex in the Ahwaz region, according a senior regime official.

 Mohammed Rezaei, the director of the regime’s insurance authority, revealed that the preliminary estimates of the losses from the explosion and subsequent fire at the petrochemical industries complex in the city of Ma’shour south of the provincial capital, Ahwaz, come to around 60 million Euros.

 Iranian energy experts, meanwhile, told state media that the explosion at the Bu Ali Sina petrochemical industries complex in the Khor Mousa industrial zone had led to production losses of around 3 million tons of petrochemical materials, as well as causing the suspension of operations at five neighbouring petrochemical plants in the complex The Khor Mousa industrial zone houses a total of 22 petrochemical industry complexes in a massive area of the Arabian Gulf north coast, stretching from Ma’shour city to Khor Mousa port.

The Bu Ali Sina complex consists of 11 plants, is considered one of the most important petrochemical facilities in the area. Despite the fact that the zone is located on Ahwazi land, the 22 senior managers are all Persian, while 10 percent or less of the workers at the facilities are Ahwazis.

 According to Farhad Kalantari, the head of the Iranian oil industry’s health and safety commission, 33 workers were injured in the explosion at the Bu Ali Sina petrochemical complex, five of them seriously.

Kalantari reported that the individuals were taken to hospital in the regional capital, Ahwaz city. The reports of injuries follow earlier denials by the mayor of Ma’shour city, Mansour Kamar, who claimed in recent days there were no casualties. While the media office of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz announced that the explosion resulted in two deaths, Iranian regime authorities refused to confirm this, for unknown reasons. In a report on the news site Rahiab News, which is close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the author expressed extreme anger at the handling of the explosion and fire at the Bu Ali Sina complex, pointing to a Saudi Twitter account concerning the event launching the hashtag #Iran Burning, which the site described as insulting to Iran.

 In a statement to Al Jazirah newspaper, Yaqoub Hor, head of the ASMLA’s information office, said that the widespread Arab media coverage of the explosion at the Ma’shour complex and other recent developments in Ahwaz had become a source of real concern to the Iranian regime authorities.

 Hor added that the Arab media’s extensive coverage, specifically that of the Arab Gulf region’s media, forced the Iranian regime to review its criminal plans against the Arab Ahwazi people dozens of times before implementing them, as well as contributing to revealing the fragility of the Iranian state, economically, politically and militarily.

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