#Ahwazna – Iranian regime contradicts its own media reports over oil pipeline blasts


Extensive global media coverage of operations carried out by Ahwazi Arab freedom fighters in Iran in the early hours of Tuesday which destroyed two major Iranian regime oil pipelines appears to have taken regime officials by surprise.  Whilst a regime ministry official denied that anything had taken place, some regime media admitted the explosions occurred – but attributed them to fires breaking out in defective pipes – disregarding the fact that the operations were filmed by the freedom fighters as they were carrying them out.  Both reactions from the regime show a determination to avert possible nervousness among  foreign investors following  a number of major international oil deals.     

The regime-run Khozna News website published a report on Wednesday claiming that the massive blasts at the two sites targeted in the operations by the fighters from the Martyr Mohiyudeen Al-Nasser Brigades, affiliated to the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation  of Ahwaz (ASMLA), were caused by defective pipes.  The website claimed that this led to an oil spill, adding that firefighters rushed to the scenes of both blazes, quickly putting out the fires. This version of events ignored the Ahwazi group’s video footage of the operations.  

Regime authorities seemed to be caught by surprise by reports in Western media about the two blasts, even contradicting their own accounts,  with an interior ministry spokesman,  Sayyed Saman Salmani, telling the INLA that there had been no explosions or fires at all, and that the reports in Western media were “wholly devoid of the truth.” 

In a statement issued after Tuesday’s operations, the Mohiuddin Al-Nasser Brigades said, “We in the Brigades announce in front of the whole world that 2017 will be different to previous years, and will witness high-quality operations which will snow the chests of [soothe or relieve] the sons of our Arab people of Ahwaz and the supporters of our just cause, and frustrate the Iranian enemy, who will incur massive and heavy losses.”

The statement continued, “We warn international companies investing in the oil sector [in Iran] to transfer their investments elsewhere because we consider these investments to be a contribution to the theft of our wealth and to be support for Iranian terrorism.   The Martyr Mohiyudeen Al-Nasser Brigades will not allow the Iranian enemy to invest the fortunes of Ahwaz in support for terrorism in our Arab nations, particularly the targeting of our brothers in Syria and Yemen.”


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