#Ahwazna – Following Arab operation against Iranian oil pipeline, Baluchi fighters kill, injure dozens of IRGC in ambush operation


Baluchi freedom fighters  on Friday carried out a joint operation against Iranian forces on the outskirts of the city of Sarbaz in Baluchistan,  killing and wounding a large number of regime military personnel, including senior IRGC officers. The operation came three days after Arab resistance fighters in the occupied AlAhwaz blew up two oil pipelines there, warning that more such operations are planned, just as Iran signed 29 major contracts with international oil and gas companies.

The Baluchi ‘Jaish Al-Adl’ (Army of Justice) group announced the success of the operation by its military wing, the Abdulmalik Mollazadeh Brigade, in a press release, saying that their forces had ambushed two Iranian regime military vehicles carrying a large number of IRGC personnel in the Jekigvar area near the city in southwest Baluchistan between Iran and Pakistan on Friday afternoon, with the drivers and passengers being killed or injured.

A terse report from the Iranian regime’s official Fars News Agency acknowledged only that one border guard had been killed and others wounded in an ambush carried out by “terrorists”,  the term used by the regime for any individuals or groups  demanding freedom and resisting its oppression

In an exclusive statement to Ahwazna, Jaish Al-Adl’s Public Relations office, Ibrahim Azizi, said that the operation, three days after the destruction of the oil pipelines  by the military wing of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA), took place “in the context of our mutual struggle founded in co-operation that has grown stronger in recent years, which aims to create a practical and political alliance to end the [Iranian regime’s] injustice and oppression against our peoples and to address  its terrorism against the people of Iran and against Arabs and Muslims generally.”

Azizi added that the operation is considered a legitimate and appropriate response to the repeated daily crimes of the Iranian regime’s military and security forces against the Baluchi people, who are engaged in a struggle to realise their civil, political and legal rights, which they have been robbed of since the Iranian occupation of Baluchistan province.

The ASMLA’s military wing, the Mohiuddin Al Nasser Brigades, on Tuesday blew up two major Iranian oil pipelines in the AlAmidiya and Al Dalmoun areas of the province, causing major losses to the Iranian regime,  particularly since the regime has just signed major oil contracts with 29 international oil companies, including France’s Total, Russia's Gazprom and Lukoil, and Schlumberger of the Netherlands.

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