#Ahwazna – Ahwazi workers protest over dismissals, demand months of withheld pay


Forty-five Ahwazi workers at an Iranian state-owned company have launched an appeal via social media after the firm fired them without any notice on December 15 without paying them the four months’ salaries which they are owed or any compensation.

A source close to the laid-off staff told the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) media office that the state-owned ‘Pars’ company, which specialises in digging irrigation canals and other land excavation projects, dismissed the 45 construction workers without any warning on December 15 with no payment of their overdue salaries or any compensation. 

The workers have submitted official complaints over the company’s abusive and illegal practices to the relevant regime authorities.

The sources added that the workers are the sons of Maysan region (Khafajiyeh and Hamidieh and villages of the two) were engaged in digging irrigation canals project in the pattern, the area has been told by the company's decision to expel them abruptly without explanation.

The sources said that the workers, from the towns of Khafajiyeh and Hamidieh in the Maysan region of Ahwaz had submitted complaints about the company’s abusive behaviour to the relevant authorities, including the department of labour, in both towns, but had received no response.

The workers have now launched an appeal via social media, highlighting their plight and exposing the corrupt and unjust practices of the company and the indifference of the state institutions which should be helping the people.

In related news, protests have continued for a fourth consecutive day by employees of another state-owned firm, the ‘Melli Group’, a  major steel manufacturer,  with the workers protesting at the non-payment of their salaries for three months, with management refusing to resolve their problems.  Elsewhere, more than 200 Ahwazi municipality workers of retirement age in the city  of Abadan to the southwest of the regional capital, Ahwaz,  held a demonstration demanding that the town’s administrative authorities regularize their status so that they are  officially entitled to receive their state pensions, with this procedure now delayed for over eight months.

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