Iranian regime executes 3 Ahwazi resistance fighters, including two brothers


The Iranian regime executed three Ahwazi resistance fighters, including two brothers, on the morning of Wednesday August 17, 2016.

The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz’ (ASMLA) media office reported that the three resistance fighters were executed in the central prison in the city of Hamidya north of the regional capital, Ahwaz early on Wednesday morning, identifying the three as Sajjad Hamid Saleh, aged 26, and brothers Qais Dishar Saleh Al-Obeidawi aged 27 and Ahmad Dishar Saleh Al Obeidawi, aged 25. 

The ASMLA further reported that the Iranian authorities allowed the three men only one visit for the duration of their detention, before summarily issuing a death sentence against them at the beginning of June this year. 

The Iranian regime’s “revolutionary courts” had charged the three men with carrying out military operations against regime security checkpoints and against the regime undercover units known as ‘Dark Campaigns’, leading to the death or inury of several Iranian soldiers, as well as with sabotage of large quantities of the state-run National Iranian Oil Company’s equipment and of forming an armed group and membership of a “terrorist” organisation, the term used by the regime for the National Resistance of Ahwaz. 

It should be noted that the three resistance fighters were arrested along with four of their comrades by regime intelligence forces in mid-April of this year, with the regime’s courts sentencing the other four to decades-long prison sentences, served in regions of Iran far from Ahwaz as an additional form of punishment, as follows:

1. Muhammad Helfi Yabagh,  aged 25 at the time of his imprisonment, sentenced to 35 years in prison, to be served in the Persian city of Yazd

2. Mehdi Abbas Zayer Saahi,  sentenced to 35 years in prison, also in the Persian city of Yazd

3. Mehdi Marabiye,  sentenced to 25 years in prison

4. Ali Hassan Saleh Al Obeidawi, sentenced to 25 years in prison

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