One Iranian occupation soldier killed in Ahwazi resistance attack on checkpoint


A group affiliated with the ‘Mohiuddin Al-Nasser Martyrs Brigades’, the military wing of  the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz,  carried out an attack on a temporary Iranian occupation checkpoint in the Kayan street of western Ahwaz city on the night of Friday September 2.

The resistance forces used machine guns in the anti-occupation operation which killed at least one member of the regime security forces manning the checkpoint and cut the power there due to the intensity of the attack.

A few days earlier, on the evening of Saturday August 27, the resistance brigade launched an attack on a regime security forces vehicle on the main road connecting the cities of Al Ahwaz and Al Souss near the entrance to the regional capital, leading to the deaths of two of the regime military personnel.

Witnesses confirmed that the bodies of the two occupation troops were taken to the Golestan Hospital in western Ahwaz city, adding that the AhWazi National Resistance had delayed announcement of the operation due to unspecified security reasons.

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