#Ahwazna – Ahwaz sees world’s highest traffic-related death rate

Official tallies have revealed alarming statistics related to traffic collisions in Arab Ahwaz region.

The number of deaths due to these accidents exceeded 24,000. The number of injuries, which has led to total disability in most cases, has now doubled.

According to these tallies, young people are the most affected age bracket by these accidents that have become the foremost reason for deaths across Ahwaz.

Traffic accidents cause great financial and emotional hardships to the families of victims in Ahwaz. These losses include burdensome treatment costs which are, in most cases, beyond the capacity of most Ahwazi Arab families to afford. As such, many of those involved in these accidents become paralyzed or sustain total disability due to high treatment costs.

The causes of such deadly accidents often relate back to overly narrow and poorly-engineered roads with no traffic signs. For those living in Ahwaz, navigating these 'roads of death' can have fatal consequences. 

There are concerns that the rate of traffic collisions will increase in the coming years due to deliberate negligence of the Iranian occupation's institutions and officials to address the problem.

Traffic collisions in Ahwaz increase by 43 percent in the summer compared to the other seasons. The Iranian regime must take urgent actions to repair these roads, which have claimed hundreds of thousands of Ahwazi lives.

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