#Ahwazna – Ahwazi resistance hits positions of IRGC in al-Jarahi town

A group affiliated with the national Ahwazi resistance has attacked the municipality of Al-Jarahi town amid reports that Iranian security forces have been heavily deployed in the district of Ma’shour.

Sources told the media office of the Arab Struggle Movement for Liberating Ahwaz (“Ahwazna”) that members of the Ahwazi national resistance attacked Al-Jarahi on Saturday, August 5. Eye witnesses said that the Ahwazi resistance affiliates carried out the operation and left the scene unharmed.

Troopers of the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), security forces, and intelligence forces rushed to the scene – setting up checkpoints at the entrances and exits of the town. They subsequently launched a manhunt to search for fleeing resistance members

Iranian news agencies quoted Iranian officials as claiming that the national resistance of Ahwaz carried out this operation.

Ahwazi activists told “Ahwazna” that the municipality of Al-Jarahi town has coordinated with other Persian government bodies in the theft of Ahwazi land in order to establish projects benefiting the occupation.

The military governor of Ma’shour threatened he would form a security commission to follow up on the incident. The aim of the commission would be to hasten the arrest the Ahwazi resistance members who carried out the attack.

Amadnews, an Iranian regime news site, published a lengthy analysis on the operation carried out by the Ahwazi National Resistance against IRGC post the town of Al-Jarahi. The analysis pointed to the Ahwaz national resistance's operation conducted on May 15 against the 22nd post in Mujahid district, in which two officers were killed and two others wounded.

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