Resistance movement targets security patrol in Amidyah, causalities reported

Armed militants affiliated with the resistance movement in Ahwaz ambushed a security patrol in Amidyah district on Thursday morning.

Persian occupation authorities have stated that one patrolman sustained fatal injuries in the attack.

"Members of the Ahwazi resistance movement set up an ambush for Persian occupation security," sources in the Arab Struggle Movement for Liberation of Ahwaz said. They added that the attack was carried out on the main road linking Amidyah and Minaa Dalmon.

According to these sources, the patrolmen were enlisted in the ranks of the so-called 'environment guards'. On the scene were also some Basij forces. Persian settler Mansour al-Ahmadi was seriously wounded in the head, chest and leg during the attacks and was admitted to hospital for treatment.

"The attackers were used a Peugeot 405 vehicle and attacked a patrol of the environment guards, wounding the settler Mansour Ahmadi," the military governor of Omidyah district Mehran Rafi, said. He added that there are several officials responsible for following up on such attacks, including the military governor of Amidyah, the military governor of northern Ahwaz, among others.

Mansour Ahmadi is one of the security officials known for committing acts of terror and blackmail against the Ahwazi people – threatening to imprison them and steal their land. Ahmadi has several settlers obeying his directives.

This attack is the second of its kind this week. Resistance movement members previously attacked the municipality of al-Jarahi. The Iranian occupation has imposed a media gag due to the losses they incurred in this latest attack.

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