Ahwazna# Jaish ul-Adl clashes with Iranian regime forces in Baluchistan

The city of Sarvan, located southeast of Baluchistan, saw fierce clashes last Friday between Jaish ul-Adl and Basij forces, part of the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).  
The Basij forces were backed by Pakistani militias, which the Iranian regime allows them to use the border areas to shake the stability of Islamabad.  
During the clashes, the  Iranian occupation forces used all kinds of medium and heavy weapons. Three helicopters were used to support the IRGC and the Basij militia to transport those killed or wounded.
According to eyewitnesses, the Iranian forces and Pakistani militias supporting them have suffered significant losses. They noted that the Persian forces will disclose their losses later.
Balochi sources told the media office of the Arab Liberation Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz that the Iranian regime forces are heavily deployed in the area where the clashed erupted. These forces include Basij forces, IRGC and intelligence forces.
The  Iranian regime forces also imposed the state of emergency, during which they arrest Baluch citizens. They torture those citizens to report Jaish ul Adl elements. 
Baluchistan has recently witnessed intensified movements of Pakistani Iran-backed militias, following an agreement between China and Pakistan to develop Gwadar port.
Iran fears this port may overshadow the port of Chabahar which the Iranian regime seeks to turn it into a key hub in the region.

Jaish ul-Adl (Army of Justice), has come to the fore recently as a group resisting the terror of Iran's regime, with major operations against border guards and Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) terrorists. 

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