Ahwazna# Workers in Ahwaz protest over delayed pay


Dozens of Iron and Steel firm's workers in Ahwaz staged a vigil in front of the headquarters of the military governor over their delayed wages.
They said that they will take escalatory steps in case the firm continues to pay no heed to their grievances. 
In Falahiyeh, workers of the city's municipality staged a protest for the same reason. 

"The workers of   Falahiyeh municipality had their wages delayed for over six months, so they held a sit-in in front of the municipality's headquarters," sources told the media office of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz.

The workers demanded the officials to expedite measures for their wages to be disbursed. They warned that they will go on strike in case their demands are not met.

Ahwazi Arab workers, both of the public and private sector, are suffering woes of discrimination by the Iranian regime.
They are disenfranchised since they are not covered by the social security system that their Iranian peers enjoy.
Yet those workers are always exposed to unjustified dismissal,  not to mention the wage delays. 

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