Ahwazi political prisoners go on hunger strike, urge UN to end Mullahs’ brutality


 Ahwazi prisoners locked up in Iranian regime's prisons have started a hunger strike in solidarity with fellow inmates in other prisons.

In a voice message, Ahwazi prisoner Maher Kaabi, languishing behind bars in the central prison in the northern city of Ardabil, announced that he started an open hunger strike in solidarity with their fellow inmates imprisoned in Rajai Shahr jail.

On behalf of his fellow prisoners and the other political prisoners in Iran, he called on the UN, the World Council for Human Rights, and the European Union to declare solidarity with all prisoners, especially those on hunger strike.

 Kaabi yet called for the UN official in charge of human rights in Iran Asma Jahangir to pressure the regime to investigate the incessant abuses perpetrated against the political prisoners of Ahwaz.

Sources told the Arab Struggle for the Liberation of Ahwaz that Maher Kaabi is an Ahwazi activist from the city Susa [Sush] located in the northwest of Ahwaz capital. He studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

 He was arrested by the intelligence of the Iranian regime six years ago. He was at the age of 29 when arrested.

The Iranian authorities accused him of joining the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, plotting to oust the regime, inciting violence against Iranian regime's officials and joining a banned organization working against the interests of the state.

According to the sources, Kaabi was sentenced to 10 years in jail, serving a year and a half of his sentence at Dezful city's prison.

 Maher is desperately striving in exposing the abuses of the Mullah regime in the media. He used to report such abuses to the concerned human rights organizations.

He exposed the regime's arrest of the Ahwazi citizen Mohammed Kaabi and his wife Khadija al-Kaabi. Both were severely tortured while in jail, leading his wife to miscarry.


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