AODHR issues statement as 5 Ahwazi citizens ‘forcibly disappeared’


 Ahwaz Organization for the Defence of Human Rights (AODHR) has condemned the arbitrate arrests made against five Ahwazi citizens in Howeyzeh and Mullathani cities. The arrests were made more than a month ago. It called for revealing the whereabouts of those detainees, whose fate is not known so far.

In a statement, AODHR rejected the practices of the Iran regime forces, calling on concerned international institutions to open an urgent probe into the abuses perpetrated against the Ahwazis. 

It also pressed that such arrests are made without any legal bases, let alone the ambiguousness of the detainees' fate, who are led to unknown destinations lacking the very essentials of life, which jeopardizes the lives of those detainees. 

Such dire conditions run counter to the core provisions of the UN charter as well as the international norms on human rights. AODHR called on the world public opinion to show solidarity with the five detainees.

Those detainees are the 36-year old married Sajad Silwawi, the 40-year old married Hamdi Silwawi who works as a teacher, the 37-year old married Salad Al-Din Dabbi, the 25-year old Bashir Silwawi and the 26-year old Hussein Kaabi.


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