Ahwazi community protest in Australia over Mullahs’ abuses against political prisoners


 on  Friday, September 15,  In response to calls of national Ahwazi movements, dozens of the members of the Ahwazi community in Australia staged a protest in front of the headquarters of the parliament.

They called on the Australian government to pressure the Mullahs into ceasing the abuses committed against the political prisoners, especially those on hunger strike.

The Ahwazi protesters handed an English-language message to the concerned officials there, wherein they explained the horrific practices perpetrated against the Ahwazi prisoners in the Iranian jails.

Also, the protesters blamed Rouhani's government for such atrocities. They called on international watchdogs to take a step to end the woes experienced by those powerless political prisoners.

They chanted slogans condemning the atrocious acts of the Iranian regime, denouncing the deadly Arab and international silence towards these crimes committed by the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and intelligence services.

National Ahwazi forces called for staging protests in several European countries in solidarity with the political prisoners.

In a leaked audio recording, Ahwazi political prisoner Maher al-Kaabi, who is locked up in Ardabil prison,  called on international rights organizations to intervene to rescue the Ahwazi and non-Ahwazi political prisoners who are subject to horrendous forms of torture while in detention.

In the recording posted on Ahwazna news site, al-Kaabi declared he was starting a hunger strike in protest at the inhumane treatment behind bars.

In the end, the demonstrators read a thank-you letter to all human rights and human rights organizations in Australia, and a message of thanks to the Australian Parliament and to the Australian police, which gave the opportunity to the Ahwazis to demonstrate and deliver the voice of their oppressed people.

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