ASMLA hails Saudi stance against Iranian regime


Upon the statement issued by Saudi Arabia this week at the UN, where it unleashed severe criticism at the Iranian regime for the deteriorating human rights situation, the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz [ASMLA] hailed the move, saying the kingdom is Ahwaz's voice at the UN.

"The entire world can now hear our voices at the UN," the Movement said.

In this remarkable statement, Saudi Arabia said there are no indications that the regime is willing to cease its oppression practiced against the Ahwazi Arabs.

Also, the Movement said the kingdom has been adopting honorable stances supportive of the Ahwazis at home and abroad.

The Saudi statement at the UN has been well received by the Ahwazis, both at home and overseas.

Yet the Movement hailed the speech given by Khalid Manzalawi, Saudi Arabia's permanent representatives at the UN.

He called on the international community to take a firm stand against the incessant violations of human rights perpetrated by the Iranian regime in Ahwaz.

"We, the Ahwazis, consider this move as an important shift in favor of our struggle to get rid of the occupation," it further noted.

The Movement also expressed hope the latest Saudi move be followed by efforts to publicize the Ahwazi issue a part of the efforts aimed to eliminate Iranian occupation.

It is no surprise that Saudi Arabia supports the plight of Ahwazis, as it has been exerting tremendous efforts in favor of the oppressed in both word and deed, the statement read.

The statement yet noted the Saudi positions are not adopted for domestic consumption or are they adopted to achieve narrow interests.

Happy at the move, the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz expressed pride at the Saudi position, saying such moves will immortalize Saudi Arabia and its government as the principal backers of the Ahwazi struggle for liberation.

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