Ahwazis protest grievances by Iranian regime in front of UN’s headquarters in Australia


Ahwazi community in Australia ended a protest in front of the UN's office in the Australian city of Canberra.

A large number of Ahwazis participated in the demonstration, which comes with a string of similar events across the world aimed at exposing the violations committed by the Iranian regime in Ahwaz.

 These demonstrations are aimed to bring the Ahwazi issue to the focus of attention.

At the demo, protesters called on the international community to take a firm stand towards the violations perpetrated by the Iranian regime against the Ahwazi prisoners.

 On Friday, October 20, a mass demonstration in Berlin, Germany was also organized by Europe's Ahwazi community and their allies.

This protest entitled “we will not forget about you” demanded that the German government, headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, intervene immediately regarding Iran’s increasingly oppressive human rights violations against the Arab people of occupied Ahwaz.

The demonstrators consisted of Ahwazi Arab diaspora and their allies. All held banners in both Arabic and German, which included slogans such as “Freedom for Ahwazi prisoners”, “Freedom for Ahwaz”, and “We ask Germany to urge the Iranian regime to free Ahwazi prisoners.”

One of the aims of these demonstrations is to demonstrate how the international community has been negligent when it comes to calling for Iranian officials to be held accountable for crimes they've perpetrated.

Iranian regime officials have been able to engage in criminality for years with relative impunity. Their oppressive and abusive tactics aren't isolated events, as for decades they've been committing increasingly more gruesome acts against the defenseless people of Ahwaz.

The Ahwazi community calls on the UN to pay more attention to the Ahwazi prisoners' issue, and it also calls for the international community look at the grievances of Ahwazis in order for justice to be achieved there.



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