Ahwazi prisoner contracts tuberculosis behind bars



The 42-year-old Ahwazi political prisoner Abdullah Neisi has contracted tuberculosis as he is being locked up in the jails of the Iranian regime's intelligence; sources told the media office of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz on Monday, November 6.

This comes as he has been subject to severe torture behind bars at the hands of the regime.

The sources went on to say Neisi was released on a colossal bail. He was moved to a hospital in Tehran at his expense as his health deteriorated.

The Ahwazi prisoner from Shbeisha village, located north of the capital city of Ahwaz.

Activists say that Neisi survived the merciless torture behind bars, but he is unlikely to survive the diseases he contracted while behind bars.

They add that the regime insists to lock up the political prisoners in the same cells with those jailed for criminal charges.

The intelligence of the regime arrested Neisi several times in recent years.

Hundreds of Ahwazi political prisoners are suffering from the diseases spread in the jails of the regime. No proper healthcare centers are provided to protect the lives of the political prisoners languishing behind bars.

This comes as the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution on Tuesday condemning Iran for its widespread human rights violations, increasing executions, and repression of nationalities and religious minorities.

The decision will be put to a vote in the General Assembly soon, as the resolution passed with 83 countries in support versus 30 opposed and 68 abstentions.


Supporters of the resolution expressed their concern about the growing number of human rights violations in Iran including high death rates and discrimination against women and ethnic/religious minorities, as well as arbitrary arrests of activists, journalists, and critics of the regime.


The representative from Canada, whose country had prepared the resolution, said that there was a deep concern on the part of the international community regarding the escalating rate of executions, particularly of minors and women.


They condemned Iran's failure to cooperate with UN mechanisms and to comply with its own commitments to halt violations and improve the human rights situation in the country.

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