ASMLA calls on GCC summit leaders to bring Ahwazi issue to focus



The head of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) Habib Jaber has issued a message to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit held today in Kuwait.

He asserted the necessity that the Ahwazi issue should be a key link in the Arab project aimed to counter the Iranian terror in the region.

In the message issued by ASMLA media office, Jaber said: “I’d like to address you today as you are gathered on the soil of Kuwait and hosted by its brotherly people to discuss the main issues of the Arab nations amid critical regional and international circumstances, which pose a challenge to the security and stability of the region, especially the GCC."

As you are gathered to address these issues, he stated, the Iranian expansionism reached its apex in some Arab nations, spreading killings and wreaking havoc in order to achieve its sectarian ambition, whose main requirement apparently is spilling blood of people and claiming their lives to gratify the appetite of its Satan glamorizing such crimes for it.

Jaber noted that the countdown has begun for the Iranian project in the region. “The blessed decisive storm operation, led by the Saudi Arabia Kingdom, has had a major impact on the hindering the Iranian regime expansionism. It has been waged on behalf of the Arab and Islamic world against the Iranian threat.

The head of ASMLA also said Saudi Arabia as decisive in its decision to launch this military operation, saving a lot of time that could have been wasted had it waited until forging an Arab consensus.

The top Ahwazi politician stated: “We hope that the Saudi efforts aimed to unite Arab against the Persian threat resound in the Arab world.

"We are pinning much hope on your summit to come out with decisive decisions that measure up to the expectations and ambitions of the GCC citizens," Jaber explained.

"We have, as GCC nations, a huge interest in unifying our efforts to cooperate to root out the Iranian expansionist project through stripping it of all factors giving it leverage in the region," he went on to say.

According to Jaber, one of these factors is the Ahwazi oil resources controlled by the Iranian regime.

"If it weren't for the Ahwazi oil, Iran wouldn't have gained this clout regionally or internationally," he continued.

He concluded: “It is time to claw back our rights, for Ahwaz to get back to the Arab sphere after being liberated from the clutches of the Iranian occupation."

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