Negligence: Iran regime’s passive weapon to get rid of Ahwazis


The Iranian regime has been working tirelessly to get rid of the Ahwazi people. The Iranian government, favoring Persians over Arabs, implement harsh policies to eliminate the Ahwazis.

Hundreds of Ahwazis are being arrested on fabricated charges, killed on sectarian motives and displaced from their homes in favor of Persians.

Among the means, the regime is using to enforce its schemes in Ahwaz is negligence.

The area, populated by Arabs, is deliberately improvised, and the infrastructure is devastated. The Ahwazis lack the very basic services.

Innocent victims

Negligence has a detrimental impact on the Ahwazi people. Many people lose their lives due to the regime's policies.

In the city of Abadan, two infants lost their lives after they fell into sewers.

Authorities paid no heed to the calls of local Ahwazi residents to mend them. Sources told Ahwazna that the authorities also did not respond to calls by locals to rescue the victims.

The two infants were found dead later on.

Khour Moussa

Last December, a child died after he fell in a sewer in one of the improvised districts of Khor Moussa city in southeastern of the capital city of Ahwaz.

Sources said the child, named Amir Hussein, 4, fell in the sewers which are always left uncovered during rainfall.

These cities are suffering from bad drainage systems.

They added the local residents attempted to rescue the child amid complete heedlessness by the regime's concerned apparatuses to their calls.

"The child was playing near the sewers before he fell into it. But his father succeeded to hold his hand and get him out of it," they added.

In the district of al-Thawra in the capital city of Ahwaz, a three-year toddler died after she fell in the sewers.

Reports suggest dozens of Ahwazi children die due to the uncovered sewers.

Lack of water

The regime is also using water as a weapon in its merciless war on the Ahwazis.

The Iranian government started plans aimed to divert courses of the main rivers to the Persian areas.

A video footage on Ahwazna satellite channel showed an Ahwazi citizen bitterly complaining of the regime's policy regarding water.

"In this area, there are about 10,000 people. And the regime has cut off water services, the citizen, who is one of Falahiyeh residents, said.

"We don't know where water has gone," he added, in reference to the regime's destruction of Ahwaz for the sake of the Persian ethnicity.

He added not only the people have been harmed, but corpses, trees and palm trees were also devastated by the chronic drought.

"Look at us. We are so poor. Look at those guys. They are unemployed," the old man said in grief.


The anger of the Ahwazi people is stoking. They have damaged water and electricity facilities.

Ahwazis accuse the Iranian authorities of pursuing a racial discrimination policy to force them from home.

 Ahwazi rights groups say negligence is considered the regime's passive weapon it uses to annihilate Ahwazis.


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