Families of Ahwazi prisoners call on regime apparatuses to reveal his whereabouts


Informed sources told Ahwazna family of Ismail Attya al-Dashr al-Sarri, who was illegally abducted by the regime's intelligence personnel two months ago, is in real suffering.

The 29-year old Ahwazi national hails from the district of Hai al-Thawra west of the capital city of Ahwaz.

The prisoner's family searched for him in the courts, police stations, and intelligence headquarters. But they were denied answers when they asked about his whereabouts.

His family has fears for his wellbeing. They believe he would have been killed due to the merciless torture inflicted on the Ahwazi prisoners in the regime's detention centers.

Rights groups and activists called for exerting pressures on the Iranian regime to reveal his whereabouts.

The family of the Ahwazi prisoner Ali Hattab al-Sarri has complained of the regime's 'dirty manners when it comes to dealing with the Ahwazi prisoners.

They said they were informed he was locked up in Shaiban prison. They headed to the prison to visit him. As they arrived, they were told that he was moved to one of the intelligence's prisons last Sunday.

Hattab was arrested on March 15th, 2017. He stayed for four months in the prisons of the regime's intelligence.

There, he was tortured mercilessly, according to sources, who said the regime apparatuses have taken off his fingernails to solicit confessions from him.

The prisoner's file was taken up by the 12th chamber of investigation. And then it was transferred to the 4th chamber of the so-called Revolution Court in the capital city of Ahwaz.

The authorities accused Hattab in the beginning with spreading hostile propaganda against the regime. 

Thereafter, several charges were leveled at him, including joining the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA), forming an armed group to destabilize the state, and targeting the Persian occupation forces.

During his detention, his family was summoned and they were told to contact his brother Mohammed Hattab, who is the member of the media office of ASMLA, to ask him to stop his anti-regime political activism.

Also, the regime's authorities used the same dirty manners by summoning the family of Eisa al-Fakher, who is one of the cadres of ASMLA, for the same reason.

These measures, according to experts, are aimed to silence the Ahwazi movement. Its mounting activities in exposing the regime's crimes are annoying its apparatuses.

This comes as hundreds of Ahwazi prisoners are locked up in the Iranian jails, bearing the brunt of the lawlessness rampant there.    

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