Ahwazi activist handed one year in jail on fabricated charges


Sayed Abbas Taqwi, an Iranian regime infamous judge, has issued a sentence to jail the Ahwazi activist Bashir Ali Mansuri for one year.
The judge, who heads the so-called Revolution Court in the city of Hamidieh, trumped-up charges relating to spreading propaganda against the regime and backing the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA). 
The regime apparatuses arrested Mansuri last November over political activism on social media platforms.
19-year-old Mansuri,   is one of the major activists in Hamidieh who is interested in the Arab culture and identity. 
Hamidieh is one of the cities that is witnessing an escalation in the anti-regime struggle against the Iranian regime. It witnesses major crackdowns on  Ahwazi Arab activists.  

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