On Mother’s Day: Ahwazi women are worth honoring for their struggle against occupation


In light of the deteriorated living conditions of the Ahwazi people, especially women, due to the repressive policies of the Iranian regime, the Ahwazi people have celebrated the Mother's Day.
Ahwazi mothers have a bright record of struggle against the Iranian occupation. These struggles amid unremitting efforts by the Iranian regime to shift the loyalty of the Ahwazi people for the sake of the regime.
The Ahwazi mothers set a bright example for the rest of its peers in the Arab world. They have experienced repression, discrimination, and unemployment, all overshadowing the lives of their men.
They stand shoulder to shoulder with Ahwazi men, showing steadfastness in very tough times. They worked in their homes and in the market. They also engaged in crafts like sewing and spinning wool. 
This comes as they realize that men cannot secure the livelihoods of their families on their own. The regime is implementing harsh policies that left most of the Ahwazis struggling to barely earn their living.
On the political arena, the Ahwazi women opted to forsake the tribal traditions and engage in the political struggle. 
As a result, the Ahwazi women found themselves on the hunt by the apparatuses of the regime, especially the IRGC. They were arrested and tortured on the same footing with men. 
Moreover, Ahwazi women were forced to flee their homeland to escape the hellish torment at the hands of the regime. They were also prompted to assume the role of a man and a woman, shouldering double responsibilities while in exile.
The Ahwazi women bore the consequences of speaking up against the regime and endured the agony of being separated from their families. 
The Ahwazi women are a shining example for heroic steadfastness, experts said, adding they are worth honoring for their sacrifices for the Ahwazi cause.

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