Dear South Azerbaijani Turkish Nation;

We are commemorating the Seventy-third anniversary of 3rd September (12 of Shahrivar), the day of publication of the progressive 12-article declaration and foundation of the Azerbaijani Democratic Party led by Sayyed Ja’far Pishevari, while the comprehensive suppression of the oppressed nations, especially the Turkish Nation in South Azerbaijan continues by İranian state and its freedom fighters are suffering torture and imprisonment for believing and fighting for the rights of their own people.


Colonization and identity assimilation are going on in Iran, to dictate the “one sect, one language, and one nation” policy for the benefit of a non-elected and forcibly imposed caste. Interests and resources of the oppressed nations, including the Azerbaijani Turkish nation, are in the hands of the dictator and the colonialist state of Iran and its so-called opposition.


Seventy-three years pass from the publication of progressive 12-article foundation declaration of Azerbaijani Democratic Party and during this time, overthrowing National Government of Azerbaijan (1946), bloody oppression of Muslim People’s Republican Party (1980) in South Azerbaijan and conspiracy and mendacity of Iranian authorities proved people of South Azerbaijan that the Iranian state does not have the capacity of accepting the rightful demands of Turkish nation in South Azerbaijan. That’s why, by the experiences of last century and under the awful conditions of region which is posing  threats to our nation’s historical existence, the political forces of South Azerbaijan are determined to improve and enhance the “National Movement of Azerbaijan”, with a national solitary soul, to bring peace and happiness for the Azerbaijani Turkish Nation.


In those dark years, the 12-article declaration of 3rd of September showed that the Turkish nation in South Azerbaijan had pinned their national demands with democratic ideas, and despite dictatorship and monopolism of the Iranian state, after seven decades, the democratic soul of 3rd September declaration continues in South Azerbaijan’s  political movements. Today, the modern national struggle in South Azerbaijan is based on democratic civil values, freedom of opinion and speech, pluralism and avoiding monopolist and totalitarian policies.


3rd of September (12 of Shahrivar) is to commemorate all the victims and martyrs of the national liberation movement of South Azerbaijan and demand of freedom of all political prisoners of Azerbaijan National Movement.


The publication of this joint statement is to emphasize the need for solidarity of political and civil forces of South Azerbaijan, which keeps the continuation and development of the spirit of the 3rd of September (12 of Shahrivar) statement and the victory of the Azerbaijan National Movement.


Remembrance of victims and martyrs of the South Azerbaijan’s liberation


Long live the Azerbaijani Turkish Nation

Long live the Azerbaijan National Movement

Long live freedom struggle of oppressed nations in Iran





Organization signatures:

1-     Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization (Azərbaycan Milli Dirəniş Təşkilatı – AMDT)

2-     Azerbaijan Student Movement (Azərbaycan Öyrənci Hərəkəti- AZOH)

3-     South Azerbaijan Democratic Party (Güney Azərbaycan Demokrat Partiyası- GADP)

4-     South Azerbaijan Human Rights Center – (Güney Azərbaycan İnsan Haqları Mərkəzi)

5-     South Azerbaijan Human Rights Council – USA (Güney Azərbaycan İnsan Haqları Mərkəzi – ABŞ)

6-     South Azerbaijan Independence Party (Güney Azərbaycan İstiqlal Partiyası – GAİP)

7-     South Azerbaijan Liberal Democratic Party (Güney Azərbaycan Liberal Demokrat Partiyası- GALDP)

8-     South Azerbaijan Liberation Party (Güney Azərbaycan Qurtuluş Partiyası)

9-     South Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party (Güney Azərbaycan Sosial Demokrat Partiyası)

10-  World’s Azerbaijani’s Congress (Dünya Azərbaycanlıları Konqresi- DAK)


Figure signatures:

1-     Ajhdar Tagizada

2-     Ali Asghar Haqdar

3-     Ali Suleymani

4-     Aslan Soltani

5-     Babak Azad

6-     Babak Bakhtavar

7-     Duman Radmehr

8-     Eldar Qaradagli

9-  Elyaz Yekanli

10-  Hadi Qarachay

11-  Haqan Turkelli

12-  İsa Turkoglu

13-  Javad Derakhti

14-  Kazem Mohammadzade

15-  Said Saed

16-  Shayan BorBor Qashqayi

17-  Sharife Jafari

18-  Simin Sabri

19-  Taymaz Urmulu

20-  Yunus Shamili


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