Ahwaz is Part of the Arab Homeland; Seeks Self-determination

(Copenhagen, Denmark, November 24-25, 2018) – Arab Struggle Movement for Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) held the ““With Ahwaz in the Face of the Iranian Terrorism”” conference on November 24th and 25th 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark to mark the 19th anniversary of the foundation of the Movement. The conference was opened by the Chief of the Movement, Habib Jabor. After the keynote address a panel of guest speakers delivered supportive and informative speeches to inspire the attendees and delegates to greater commitment to the Ahwazi cause. The themes discussed in the conference, included the historical identity of Ahwaz and the importance of the cultural relationship between Ahwaz and the Arab Homeland.


The multinational conference delegates included representatives of human rights organizations, non-governmental organizations and political parties. Attendees included political and human rights activists, scholarships and researchers, writers, journalists and film-makers. The other non-Persian nations that are currently under Persian hegemony – Turks, Kurdish and Balouchis – were also represented in the conference, voicing their support of self-determination for Ahwazis and themselves.


After the opening session, working groups discussed predefined topics and defined recommendations:


1- The primary principle is that Ahwaz is an integral part of the Arab Homeland and consequently the obligation of the Arabs to support the Ahwazi cause.

2- The impact of the Irani hegemonic strategy in the Middle East and the related challenge of how to move beyond the regional disputes to recognition of the existential challenge to the Arab Homeland and especially the Ahwazi people.

3- Exposing the Iranian terrorist activities in the Arab Homeland and international community and the impact on the peace and safety of the world, which therefore requires establishment of an international cooperation to stand against that threat.

4- Common Arab Strategy to counter Iranian hegemonic strategy

5- Mobilization of Arab forces in solidarity with the Ahwaz Cause, providing political, material support to Ahwazi’s. Enhance Arab awareness in respect of the Ahwazi Cause through seminars, conferences, mass media and social media in all Arab countries.

6- Cooperation with non-Persian liberation movements in our common struggle against the Iranian policies toward those nations.

7- Consequences of the U.S. sanctions on the Iranian regime and their impacts on Iranian behavior towards Arab States.


The committee proposed and recommended certain goals.


1- Unify the Ahwazi potential and effort in opposition to the Iranian occupation within a  context of a uniform Arab national identity with the aim of accelerating the process of independence from the Iranian occupation

2- Focus on the implementation of the vision into practice on the basis of a clear and well-defined strategy  taking into consideration the political and social reality of the Ahwazis

3- Take advantage of the current sanctions imposed on the Iranian regime and expose the fraudulent Iranian strategy in order to minimize pressure on non-Persian nations under Iranian hegemony.

4- Explore and define effective methods by which to minimize the Iranian regime influence on the Arab Shia’a minorities in order to prevent destabilization of the region.

5- Establish special committees for media, psychology, socio-politics to direct and guide a collective social, political cultural activities against the Iranian hegemony in the diverse appropriate languages.

6- Establish political representative bureaus for the Arabs Struggle Movement for Liberation of Ahwaz in Arab countries and the international sphere.

7- Declare an Ahwazi government in exile, providing political and legal support to be recognized by Arab States and international community.

8- Provide support to non-Persian movements, including Kurds, Belouchi, Turks (South Azerbijanis), Turkmen and Gailic in the international and regional sphere.

9- Broaden the scope of the political discourse to reach non-Persian nations under Iranian occupation and nations all over the world with the aim of gaining their sympathy and support.

10- Strengthen the cooperation of non-Persian nations to restrain Iranian hegemony.

11- Highlight Iranian terrorist activities and its racial and sectarian violence against Arabs and other non-Persian nations under Iranian occupation.

12- Restrain Iranian government from further interferance in  affairs of Arab States which caused instability and choas in Syria, Iraq,  Lebanon, Yemen and other Arab countries.

13- Ensure that the entire Arab Community are deeply aware of the Ahwazis Cause beyond the elite.

14-  Request that Arab States invite membership of Ahwazis in regional Arab organizations and international organizations.

15- Encourage Arab Universities to provide higher education scholarship to Ahwazi students in all necessary disciplines.

16- Provide Ahwazis media with most advanced technologies and training of journalists and media cadres.

17- Ahwazi journalists should implement the following priciples:

  1. Collect the contact information of all Arab journalists, with the aim of updating and providing them information about the suppression of Ahwazis under the Iranian occupation.
  2. Formation of a social and mass media network with the aim of countering the Iranian Fake News (disinformation).
  3. Publicize Iranian crimes by publishing videos and pictures of the crimes.
  4. Raise awareness of Arab people regarding Iranian heremonic strategy and its existential threat it imposes on Arabs.
  5. Organizing seminars and conferences in Arab Universities across Arab Homeland in order to publicize Ahwazi Cause among Arab Students.


The conference was productive and peace. The productivity of the confernece was greatly due to the outstanding hospitality of the staff of the Radisson Park Inn, Copenhagen Airport.  The safety of the attendees was due in large part to protection by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.


For more information contact: Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, +45 5062 8071




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