Statement of the Arab Struggle Movement For the Luberstiin of Ahwaz, Denying the charges by the Danish government

The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz has been struggling to defend the rights of the Ahwazi people and their aspirations towards security, freedom and stability. It will never be a cause for harm to the security of other countries, especially those who opened their door to the Ahwazi refugees who fled the inferno imposed by the Iranian state on Ahwaz and its people. Our values do not enjoin us to respond to kindness with harm or favor with ungratefulness.
Based on this understanding, we believe that Denmark and the Netherlands as well as the countries hosting huge numbers of refugees coming from different cultures and having different motives have the right to take the necessary measures to maintain the security of them and their citizens. Moreover, we believe that it is our duty to enhance these measures because they protect us and our families.
However, we know that there is a small variation which leads to the state of confusion and misunderstanding between our role as a political movement that seeks to achieve the objectives of its peoples in achieving peace, security and decent living, which requires it to move to forge ties which support it in confronting the Iranian regime which is equipped with the material strength and terrorist inclination and the security measures that monitor the activities and construe them within certain givens which shall not be accomplished without security measures aimed to reach a convincing interpretation of these activities.
We reject that these legal measures become an issue in the media which stirs up the public opinion in these countries, with the movement portrayed as the cause for destabilizing these countries by questioning its relations, which gives an impression that these relations are related to the regional conflict in the Middle East.
Also, these media reports are being used by the Iranian regime to demonize and defame the movement.

The Ahwazi cause is considered the oldest in the Middle East. The force with which the movement is engaged in the ongoing struggle is the Iranian regime, which is known for its terrorist inclination and its sectarian and racial project. The means that the Ahwazi people use in the struggle against injustice are known for their peacefulness as well as respecting international laws and norms. Therefore, we strongly reject the labels reported in the media which quoted some officials in the Dutch and Danish governments as they defy the nature of the movement’s struggle and the values of the Ahwazi people.
Our relations with the Middle East countries are natural ties which did not exceed the phase of grassroots-based ties represented in the sympathy displayed towards the plight of the Ahwazi people. This sympathy was not confined to the peoples of the region, but extended to all the peace-loving peoples who reject all forms of injustice, who show sympathy towards the Ahwazi people and support their legitimate right to freedom, security and peace.
It is worth mentioning that the movement’s activities in recent year has achieved several successes in exposing the Iranian regime and its crimes in Ahwaz and other parts of the Iranian state via Ahwazna TV channel and its websites. This in addition to the human rights organizations, conferences, public forums, political activism…etc.
There is no doubt that all this is being done according a peaceful approach which does not defy the movement’s principles and the values of the Ahwazi people. This success and development in the movement’s performance has become disturbing for the Iranian regime, which prompted it to plan to carry out a terrorist operation on the Danish territories aimed to assassinate leaders of the movement.
But the vigilance of the Danish security services aborted this satanic scheme, nipping it in the bud.

Hence, we don’t rule out that the stopping of the movement’s leaders in Denmark in addition to the security measures taken by the Dutch authorities are related to the role of the Iranian regime in fabricating proofs and documents which back up any legal procedure against the leaders of the movement in these countries which have been working to raise the file of Iranian terrorism in Europe. This comes following the terrorist operation which targeted Ahmed Mola in the Netherlands and the failed operation to assassinate the head of the movement Habib Jabor and his comrades in the movement on the Danish soil.
Our struggle, national and humanitarian march are sacred, and it will not stop until all the objectives of the Ahwazi people, including freedom, peace and decent living, are achieved. We know that this march shall be marred with a lot of hindrances and difficulties, but we are capable of overcoming all the difficulties and hindrances that undermine our path for struggle by holding on firmly to positions, patience, endurance and loyalty to our dignified people and their upright martyrs.

The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz

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